TPPP Episode 101 : ACAB

This week on The Triple Po we have co-host of The Ginger Snaps and dear friend of the show Amy Kuehl on to talk about why all cops are bastards, or ACAB for short. Amy gives us some stats about police violence and imprisonment, and she then tells us her personal stories of being harassed by cops. Lyman and myself also relay our own anecdotes about pigs behaving badly.

We also talk about Amy’s show The Ginger Snaps, and it’s impending return from hiatus. Amy is one of the coolest and sweetest people I know, and it was such a pleasure to have her on again.

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TPPP Episode 87 : Snap Reunion

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week, I speak about my experiences at the American Atheists Convention 2019. Spoiler alert : It was pretty badass!

For the palaver, I facilitated a reunion between Amy, current host of The Ginger Snaps, and Nadya, former co-host of the selfsame show. We had some technical issues in the beginning, but we finally got Nadya in on the fun. We talked about the current state of the podcast, me Nadya explaining why she had to leave the show, and some general topics as well as camaraderie. I was so glad to be able to speak with both of them again. It warmed the cockles of my black heart!

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TPPP Episode 50 : Real Life with the Crails

It’s time once again for The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble I talk about Trump tweeting that transgender folk will no longer be allowed in the military, once again proving that he’s a heartless prick, among many other things. We also find out how McCain redeemed himself a bit by voting against the repeal of Obamacare. We then go back to the radioactive Trump administration to find a foul-mouthed fuckstick has taken up the position of White House Communications Director. Finally, we wrap things up on a positive note by announcing a live show for the one year anniversary of the podcast!

On the palaver this week, I speak with my friends Jenica and Patrick Crail about their activism; their journey to deconversion; their new podcast; murder; their favorite kind of beer; and much more! These are the two of the coolest atheists ever, and definitely one of the hottest couples. I guarantee you’ll fall in love a with them… or else!

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TPPP Episode 20 : An Inciting Incident 

Happy Holidays from The Podunk Polymath Podcast! For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope it was full of joy and laughs. For those who are still celebrating, continue to enjoy! And for those who struggle with this time of year for whatever reason, you have my sympathies, and I hope you get through relatively unscathed. 

For the palaver, I have the honor and privilege of speaking to author of ‘The PC Lie : How American Voters Decided I Don’t Matter’; podcast host at ‘Inciting Incident’; and activist Ris McCool. We talk about her book, her podcast, and her experiences as a transgender woman. She is very charismatic and full of a righteous rage that is and will be stoked for the next four years by a Trump administration. She is someone to watch, as I think her ambition and courage will prove to be an asset during the travails that are sure to experience for the next four years. 

I also wanted to mention I was on the Christmas edition of Bi Any Means Podcast along with Ris, The Prophet Jeremiah, and Uber Forty Seven. I also contributed to the airing of grievances on The Biskeptical Podcast, and I contributed a Robert Ingersoll quote to an episode of Secular Yakking. So, grab a cold glass of eggnog and enjoy the latest PoPoPo! 

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TPPP Episode 9 : Local Hero

On this week’s episode of The Triple-Po, I start off with a triple threat pre-ramble. First, I talk about Trump’s odious taped utterances regarding power and sexual assault, but I also wonder if people realize that Slick Willy isn’t exactly a friend to the female gender, and he will in all likelihood actually be in the White House. I then give my thoughts on both the first Presidential Debate and the Vice Presidential Debate, both of which are fairly short and sweet.

For the palaver, I spoke with local transgender activist Carla Lewis. We talked about how she became an activist; her brief stint in the military; and her love of sci-fi and fantasy, among many other things. Did I mention she has a stand up arcade version of Galaga? Anyway, we had a great conversation, and I hope to meet her soon, because she seems like a cool person to hang out with! I hope you enjoy the latest installment, and remember to leave a review on iTunes if you get the hankering.

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Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

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Bruce vs. Floyd, Final Round

What follows is a guest post by listener and fellow Middle Tennesseean Wraith Writer. He prefers not to use his real name because the views expressed in this piece could cause some devastating real-life repercussions, including the loss of his job. The fact that expressing views of tolerance and acceptance could result in such an outcome is a sad commentary on the state of our society, and it proves that, even though we’ve come a long way as a nation in the struggle for LGBT rights, we still have much further to go.

If you do not understand Caitlyn Jenner, it’s perfectly natural, and so is the fear you have.  It is human nature to fear what we do not understand.  Last year, many people didn’t understand that coming out of the closet was an “act of bravery”, and they ridiculed such a thing as being labeled brave. Here I see again the same people ridiculing ESPN’s choice to give Caitlyn Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award as well as Caitlyn Jenner herself.

You do not have to understand Caitlyn Jenner’s sexuality or the many others in the LGBT community, but you need to understand the realization every LGBT person faces when they decide to fully disclose their nature.  They face the risk of being insulted, bullied, or  assaulted (remember gay bashing?); being ostracized by their community; disowned by their family;  fired from their job; and even being killed (12 transgender people murdered in 2014, and 9 people so far in 2015).

Yes, there are many other athletes who are very brave; who have inspired others; and who have faced death from a terminal disease. All of these people are accepted for who they are in this society and do not have to face ridicule for their nature. I have yet to hear of people being targeted for murder for being disabled, an amputee, or having a terminal disease.

These athletes did not have to deal with derogatory insults of it, thing, he/she, etc. Caitlyn is an athlete who is inspiring millions of transgendered people to be honest with themselves in the face of insults, violence, and death.  How shameful I find it that you chose to display your “courage” by attacking a female while you sit by and say nothing about award winning, wife-beating Floyd Mayweather. Your verbal remarks are a shining example of the misogyny ingrained in the religious culture of our society.