TPPP Episode 129 : Fearsome Foursome

It’s a foursome this episode, with Lyman and myself joined by the ever awesome Zach from Zachrilege Cast and friend Daniel Criss, sometime podcaster and owner of the sexiest voice in podcasting. We talk about David Silverman getting his ass handed to him by The Friendly Atheist, aka Hemant Mehta; the doing at CPAC, including a golden Trump idol; Daniel and his brother talk about the podcast they are planning about survival skills and depression; and much more. The audio is a little iffy at points, but I think y’all will still enjoy it.

TPPP Episode 19 : A Hidden Epidemic

It’s time for another episode of The Triple Po! This week I kick things off in the pre-ramble by talking about the Chinese Navy seizing a U.S. Navy Drone and my  take on what caused it and what could be the outcome. I also tell y’all I did a little rant video on YouTube about Trump and how I can’t stand him. I may or may not have been inebriated. Lastly, I talk about how I received a mysterious voicemail on the voicemail line left  by a gentleman who sounds strangely familiar. This gentleman had what sounded like a British accent, and he gives us Season’s Greeting, heathen and believer alike!

On the palaver, I speak with Kory Diggs about human trafficking. We talk about what human trafficking is; the different types that exist; who is most affected; her own stories about working with victims; as well as what we can do to help. It’s a somber subject, to be sure, but one that does not get anywhere near the attention it needs or deserves. I hope y’all learn something from this conversation, because I certainly did. Thank your for listening.

Download the show here.

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