TPPP Episode 130 : Keith the Crazy Canuck

Welcome fans to another episode of The Triple Po! I just today realized that I hadn’t released the podcast version of the show, and for that I give most humble apologies. Things slip my pickled mind on occasion. We had the pleasure of talking to Keith Spielman, aka Buddy the Lumberjack from Cellar Door Skeptics. We talk about renewing our acquaintance of around two years. We also talked about his work with Cellar Door Skeptics as the resident Canadian and general ne’er-do-well. Of course, we also had to talk about Canadian stuff, including how conservative his province of Alberta is, the accent, and whatever the fuck a toque is. It’s a longer than usual show, clocking in at two hours, but we covered a lot of ground on various and sundry topics. Enjoy!

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TPPP Episode 126 : The Return of Lyman

Lyman is back from hiatus! We mostly talk about current politics, namely the Capitol riots and the newly elected Biden administration and the their plans, as well as executive order that have already been enacted. And we had people come and actually give comments that I read on the air! Will wonders never cease!

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TPPP Episode 114 : Zach Attack 3 – The Search for Beer

Welcome to another incredible installment of The Triple Po. There’s no Lyman this week, so I have the beer king himself, my long-suffering friend Zach Law from Zachrilege Cast on to talk about various and sundry subjects.

We talked about Super Tuesday; his recent trip up here to Nashvegas, and going to a soccer game which he so graciously invited me to; and, most importantly, beer. Zach brought me beer, and thus buys my friendship for at least another six months.

We lastly give our thoughts about two shows we both enjoy, The Man in the High Castle and The Expanse. You’ll have to tune in for the ratings we gave them. It’s like a surprise! Enjoy!

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TPPP Episode 84 : Trailer Park Politics

On this exciting episode of The Triple Po, I talk again to my old friend and fellow podcaster Tucker Drake. We talk a bit about the upcoming American Atheists Convention coming up in Cincinnati, and then it’s on to juicier fare. We talk about the awesomeness that is AOC, as well as other political topics such as the Democratic presidential field for 2020; the Electoral College; and wherever else our ramblings lead us. I thought it was a great stream of consciousness conversation regarding political topics of the day. I hope y’all agree!

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TPPP Episode 63 : Alix Goes South

Welcome back to The Triple Po! I have returned from The Native American Slaughter Day break with another spectacular episode. On the pre-ramble, I talk about the travesty that is the #TaxScamBill. It is probably one of the most blatant giveaways to the the wealthy and corporations in American history, and it was passed with no debate and not even completely written when it was passed. It still requires reconciliation with the House to hammer out the final bill, and Democrats may be able to soften the blow a tad, but for the most part the middle class and poor of this country are getting royally screwed. So if you voted for Republican, hey, fuck you!

On the palaver, I speak worth activist, blogger, speaker, and Zen master Alix Jules. We talk about the unique challenges the South faces in implementing change in both politics and social justice. As a New York transplant to Texas, he has an insight into the unique challenges our region faces. We also discuss how to get people who are in other parts of country to understand our plight here. Ultimately, you just have to come and visit! You’ll uh then, trust me. It was a very enlightening talk with an awesome guy. I think y’all will thoroughly enjoy it.

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GOP tax plan: 5 ways the proposed tax cuts could impact you

Just me, Alix -The Orbit

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TPPP Episode 21 : Naked Politics 

Happy New Year, and welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble I talk briefly about the impending inauguration of Donald Trump and the sense of impending doom I feel, as well as the need for us to fight against the Trump agenda. I also talk about the terrorist attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, and the facts that are currently known about this tragedy.

On the palaver I this week I speak with the host of ‘Naked Mormonism’, Bryce Blankenagel. We talk briefly about his podcast, but then we delve into a topic he stays away from on his show : Politics. We talk about the election of Donald Trump and the implications of his pending administration, as well as the need for people with common goals to come together to try to make this country better. Bryce and I didn’t agree on everything, but I think it was a respectful and fruitful conversation. I think y’all will enjoy it.

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Terrorist Attack At Istanbul Nightclub Kills Dozens

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